Cool Clubs – Play Better Golf

At a Cool Clubs fitting our objective is to find the highest performing head and shaft combination for your swing. Our fittings are always on range using premium golf balls.

We are the largest independent club fitter in the world with over 30 locations and more planned.

All our fitting equipment is tested in-house and evaluated using our own test equipment so we can do real comparisons of component performance.

From Driver to Putter we understand every club and shaft we fit.

It’s about your swing not equipment

We often hear of fittings that are about the equipment more than the individual customers swing. At Cool Clubs you will find our fittings concentrate on finding out about your swing, what you want to achieve with your game and where your problem shots are.

Once we have this understanding we go through a process of finding the best combinations of head and shaft to let you achieve your goals.

Club Building

Our clubs are built in-house in our state-of-the-art tour level build facility in Scottsdale Arizona. Whether a tour player or high handicapper our clubs are built with the same attention to detail.

This allows us to provide clubs built with the care and craftsmanship that realises the benefits achieved during our fittings. We have specialist club builders and fitters to ensure the club we deliver is the best there is

Our build shop sets the industry standard. A standard no other can meet and produces clubs that deliver the specification defined during our fitting process exactly.



Fitting Options

Cool Clubs has a large range of fitting options targeted at various parts of your game. We also have the option to book by the hour if there isn’t a fitting exactly suited to your needs. Options include:

  • Putter Fitting
  • Driver Fitting
  • Long Game Fitting
  • Iron/Wedge Fitting
  • Wedge Fitting
  • Junior Fitting
  • Tee to Wedge
  • Ultimate Fitting (Whole Bag)
  • Hourly

or perhaps you want to properly check out what you already have in your bag:

  • Iron Gapping using trackman checking, and loft adjustment
  • Loft/Lie adjustment
  • Club Blueprint (measure all the data on the clubs you have)

Visit Cool Clubs website for full details and great videos on all aspects of club fitting and design.