Q & A time with Hana Taare,

runner up in the girls 7-8 division in 2017 and member of the 2017 Aussie Team

Name: Hana Taare

Age: 8

What is your Home Club? Mackay

Handicap (if applicable):- 27

How long have you been playing golf for? 2 years

Do you have a favourite player? Lydia Ko and Minjee Lee

What is your favourite thing about the Australian Junior Age Division Championships? Playing golf and making friends

What are the courses like in America? How are they different to Australia? The greens are really fast and the grass is spongy

What was the best part of being part of the Australian team? I got to make new friends with all the girls like Rae,
Mikayla, Poppy, Emily and the Scotts.

What were the players from overseas like? Did you make any new friends? They were kind and very good golfers. I made friends with Suzanna and Maria from Mexico and Columbia

Do you think competing in America helped your golf? It kind of helped my golf

What are your golfing goals this year? To get under 60 in 9 holes, less than 16 putts and to make the America trip again.