Q & A time with Saxonn Capilos, member of our 2017 Aussie Team

Name:- Saxonn Capilos

Age:- 13 yrs old

What Club do you belong to? CAIRNS GOLF CLUB
Handicap (if applicable):- 11.4How long have you been playing golf for? started playing 18 holes FEB 2017Do you have a favourite player? Jason Day and Phil Mickelson

What is your favourite thing about the Australian Junior Age Division Championships? To travel overseas and compete with the other junior players and gain more knowledge from junior golfers that have been playing golf longer than me.

What are the courses like in America? So far Angel Park in Las Vegas has different scenery the land is surrounded by desert instead of forests
In Temecula, California, at The Legends Golf Club, it’s similar to the courses in Australia since there are forests around the golf course but the land is very uneven and hilly which it was a bit of a challenging course.

How are they different to Australia?
Different landscape, scenery, weather, they’re a little bit warmer than the ones in Australia
What was the best part of being part of the Australian team?
Make new friends and being able to represent Australia
What were the players from overseas like? They’re a lot better than me since they’ve been playing golf longer than me and they also had that competitive spirit in them.

Did you make any new friends? I made a good friend in Las Vegas who represented Italy and in Temecula I had a good time with an American junior golfer that i played with in my age group.

Do you think competing in America helped your golf?
I think the experience gave me a sense of what it’s like to compete in a higher level of competition and playing with kids from other countries.
What are your golfing goals this year? – To try and reach single digits in my handicap and get serious about my game that worthy enough to travel again overseas in the near future.