Q & A time with Emily Martin

who has been a very valued member of our Aussie Team for the past 3 years. We look forward to seeing Emily again in April.

Name: Emily Martin

Age: 14

What is your Home Club? Emerald Lakes

Handicap (if applicable):- 6.4

How long have you been playing golf for? 9 years.

Do you have a favourite player? Curtis Luck and Katherine Kirk.

What is your favourite thing about the Australian Junior Age Division Championships? Being able to play at Capricorn Resort, catching up with friends and making new ones.

What are the courses like in America? How are they different to Australia? The courses in America have spectacular views and have an awesome feel to them. Most of them are in great condition as well. One thing that is different is that, in Las Vegas, instead of water crossings they have desert crossings.

What was the best part of being part of the Australian team? The vibe of being part of a team that supports each other and makes friends with each other of all different ages is such a cool thing. It is so cool to come back from playing golf and have pool parties with your newly made golfing buddies.

What were the players from overseas like? Did you make any new friends? Most of the players overseas are awesome to talk to and it is cool to learn new things about other countries and to tell them all about Australia. I made lots of new friends from the Australian team and overseas players. Most of my friends that are from golf are from the Australian team and I am now friends with a girl from England and a girl from America who I have kept in touch with.

Do you think competing in America helped your golf? Competing in America, I believe, kick started my golf… in 2016 my handicap dropped from 21 to 13.5 and in 2017 it dropped from 10 to 6.

What are your golfing goals this year? To get my handicap down to 2.3 and to consistently be in the running for gross prizes in events.