Q & A Time with Isaac Alexander

competitor at the AJADGC since 2015 and 2018 Aussie Team Member –

Name:- Isaac Alexander
Age:- 11
What is your Home Club? Yeppoon Golf Club
Handicap (if applicable):- 16.3
How long have you been playing golf for? Since I was 4
Do you have a favourite player? Cameron Smith

What is your favourite thing about the Australian Junior Age Division Championships? Being able to meet and play with new people from around Australia and seeing them every year when they come back.

What are the courses like in America? The courses in America are very different to ones i have played on in Australia. The surroundings in Las Vegas was like being in the middle of the desert, it looked amazing. Although it was in the middle of the desert and it was very hot, the condition of the courses were of a very high standard and were immaculate. I found both courses to be very challenging because of the speed of the greens and the weather was extremely hot in Las Vegas.

How are they different to Australia? The courses i played had greens that were very soft and fast. In my opinion they were in better condition than the courses i have played on in Australia.

What was the best part of being part of the Australian team? The experience of being able to go to America and meet new players from all over the world and being able to see new courses. Also, the team interaction at the end of the day and meeting players from around Australia.

What were the players from overseas like? They had very good sportsmanship and were good to play with. I found them friendly and encouraging.

Did you make any new friends? Not that i have kept in touch with.

Do you think competing in America helped your golf? Yes. It has helped me overcome my nerves of playing in bigger competitions and against people i don’t know. It has helped me think about my shots a lot more when playing on unfamiliar courses.

What are your golfing goals this year? I would like my handicap to be in single figures and travel the region to play on more courses.